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Apple Announces Powerbeats Pro, Launching Soon for $250

Apple’s Beats brand today officially announced the new Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones, which, like the AirPods, are wire-free and come with a charging case and up to nine hours of listening time.

The Powerbeats Pro are going to cost $250, and Apple says they are “coming soon.” According to Apple, the Powerbeats Pro deliver “powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and noise isolation for a premium listening experience.”

The Powerbeats Pro, like the current Powerbeats, are sweat and water resistant and include the Powerbeats earhooks for keeping them securely in place during workouts.

There are physical controls on each earbud and the Powerbeats Pro come in their own clamshell-style charging case.

Apple is making the Powerbeats Pro available in four colors: Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy.

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