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Apple Shares Video Showcasing Apple Arcade Games in 100 Seconds

Apple today shared a new video on its YouTube channel that highlights some of the games coming to Apple Arcade in 100 seconds.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that its subscription-based Apple Arcade gaming service will launch September 19 in over 150 countries. In the United States, pricing is set at $4.99 per month, with a one-month free trial available. This price will apply to individuals or a family of up to six members via Family Sharing.

Featured games and their corresponding timestamps in the video:

[00:00] “Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm” by Cornfox

[00:04] “Towaga: Among Shadows” by Noodlecake

[00:04] “Mosaic” by Raw Fury

[00:04] “Overland” by Finji

[00:05] “Manifold Garden” by William Chyr

[00:05] “Lifeslide” by Block Zero

[00:06] “Where Cards Fall” by Snowman

[00:06] “WHAT THE GOLF” by Fun Plus

[00:06] “ChuChu Rocket! Universe” by SEGA®

[00:07] “Cat Quest II” by Gentlebros

[00:07] “The Enchanted World” by Noodlecake

[00:07] “Hot Lava” by Klei Entertainment

[00:20] “EarthNight” by Cleaversoft

[00:30] “Skate City” by Snowman

[00:42] “Jenny LeClue – Detectivu” by Mografi

[00:53] “LEGO Brawls” by Lego

[01:08] “Sayonara: Wild Hearts” by Annapurna

[01:22] “Sonic Racing” by SEGA®

[01:24] “Pac-Man Party Royale” by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

[01:26] “Frogger in Toy Town” by Konami

[01:27] “Shinsekai: Into the Depths” by Capcom

[01:29] “Cricket Through the Ages” by Devolver

[01:31] “ShockRods” by Stainless Games

[01:32] “Redout: Space Assault” by 34BigThings

[01:33] “Super Impossible Road” by Rogue Games Inc.

[01:34] “Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm” by Cornfox

Apple Arcade will provide iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV users with access to a library of over 100 games, with no ads or additional in-app purchases. Read our Apple Arcade guide for more details and a preview of the games coming at launch.

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