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Apple's Tom Gruber wants AI to expand on human capabilities

Speaking at TED 2017, Apple artificial intelligence (AI) expert Tom Gruber spoke about the need for AI to help improve our lives. Gruber said that companies need to find a way for AI, including intelligent assistants like Siri, to help augment human capabilities, and make up for shortcomings like those in memory.

From Axios:

In the not-to-distant future, Gruber said computers should be able to help us remember every person we have met, every food we have eaten and how it made us feel.

Gruber also placed an emphasis on the need for people to control the information that AI services gather on them, saying that users should have the final say in what gets recalled, and that anything gathered must be well secured.

Particularly in the past couple of years, Apple has been placing a greater emphasis on the ability of AI and machine learning to make the lives of its customers just a little bit easier. Whether its telling you when you should leave for an appointment based on traffic or quickly finding photos from a specific time and location, Apple certainly has been working to help its devices anticipate your needs. Whatever Apple’s current goals are for AI, it’s certainly interesting to hear the thoughts of one of the company’s top people in the field.

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