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Google Podcasts 2.0 Adds CarPlay Support to iOS App

Version 2.0 of Google’s Podcasts app is currently rolling out, bringing CarPlay support for users on iPhone and iPad, according to the app’s release notes.

Google Podcasts now supports Apple ‌CarPlay‌ so you can more easily and safely listen while you drive. We’ve also made several bug fixes to improve performance.

Google announced its Google Podcasts app for iOS back in March. As part of the release, the previously Android-only app received an overhaul that makes it easier to find podcast content, create lists of favorite podcasts, and customize the listening experience.

The app’s interface has a simple focus that features three tabs: Home, Explore, and Activity. The Home tab features new episodes of subscribed shows, while Explore displays new show and episode recommendations.

The Activity tab displays listening history, queued episodes, and downloaded podcasts, with automatic downloading supported for each podcast a user subscribes to.

Google Podcasts 2.0 can be downloaded from the App Store starting today. [Direct Link]

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