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Icon Allegedly Found in iOS 12.2 Beta Suggests 7th Gen iPod touch Will Have All-Screen Design

An icon has been shared on social media this morning that purportedly references Apple’s next-generation iPod touch. The image below was shared by self-described tech product leaker Jonathan Mitchell, who claims to have unearthed the icon in iOS 12.2 Beta 4.

The icon labeled “HLSipod2” on the right is shown beside the existing icon for Apple’s current-generation iPod touch, suggesting that an unreleased seventh-generation iPod touch will inherit the design elements of Apple’s flagship all-screen iPhones and do away with the Home button.

The device in the icon appears to be off-center, which could mean that it’s being used by Apple as a placeholder in the iOS 12 beta. Either that, or it’s not genuine at all.

In January, developer Steven Troughton-Smith discovered references in iOS 12.2 to an “iPod 9,1,” which does not match up with any known iPod touch devices, suggesting it is a new next-generation model. However, the iPod listing in iOS 12.2 does not appear to have Face ID or Touch ID, which would appear to pour cold water on today’s supposed icon leak.

Last month, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he expects a new iPod touch with a faster processor to launch in 2019, but Kuo made no mention of a possible redesign for the device.

Apple last updated the iPod touch in July 2015, and in July 2017 the company cut prices and reduced the number of storage capacity options.

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