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Join the discussion: iPhone 8: Buying it or not?

Will you be buying the newest version of the iPhone? Why or why not? Join the discussion in the iMore forums and let us know your opinion!

We love chatting all things iPhone in the iMore forums, so we’re asking whether or not you’ll be picking up the latest iPhone — and why or why not you’ll be making your ultimate decision!


06-25-2017 10:32 PM

Of course I, as well as many others on the forums, will be getting the next iPhone. But I’d like to play devil’s advocate and see who is thinking about skipping it this year and why. (I know it won’t be called iPhone 8, but for simplicity’s sake I’m going with that name for now)


Some people say that they’re planning on sticking to their iPhone 7 Plus for the time being…


Abu Khadija
06-25-2017 11:12 PM

I’m planning on sticking with my 7 plus for now. I’ve heard that the 8 is going to be a little smaller than the plus and I don’t want to go down in size. But than again I’m getting said no every year and end up upgrading anyway. But hopefully this year I’ll skip.


While others say they totally, definitely, absolutely will be buying the iPhone 8!


John Yester
06-27-2017 08:33 AM

I WILL be.


What do you think? Are you going to grab the latest iPhone, or will you hold tight to your current model? Join the discussion in the iMore forums and let us know if you’ll be grabbing the latest iPhone when it gets released!

Join the discussion on the iMore forum!

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