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Join the discussion: Nagging issues in iOS 11 (so far)

If you’re on the iOS 11 beta, have you been experiencing any of the same issues over and over again? We’re chatting in the iMore forums today about everything to do with iOS 11!

iOS 11 has shown us some pretty stellar features that will no doubt be fun to play with and practical to use — once the actual software is released and not the buggy beta.

Some people have found that running the latest iOS 11 betas has proven to be a bit, well, not so smooth, prompting others to ask: is your beta bein’ funky?


James Falconer
06-15-2017 10:02 AM

For everyone on the beta – what are the most nagging bugs/issues you’ve had so far? Overall, has the beta been pain free, or are there a lot of things you’d like to see addressed and fixed asap?

I haven’t jumped on the beta yet (I’ll probably wait for stable release) but super pumped to hear feedback here!


Some people say that they aren’t seeing anything super specific, but that the bugs are pretty reminiscent of regular beta downloads…


06-15-2017 10:18 AM

I can’t say anything is nagging really, just a typical beta with its bugs. The most annoying bug in beta 1 for me is that skipping a lot of songs in Music will cause Springboard to respring.


While others say they haven’t been experiencing any issues at all


06-15-2017 10:27 AM

I’m not experiencing any “nagging” bugs or issues with iOS 11 beta. I mean, everything that I need to work actually works well. On top of that, a good deal of 3rd party apps have been updated since the beta release.


But what about you?

Hop on into the iMore forums and join the discussion today to let us know if your iOS 11 beta has been running not as smooth as it could be, or if it’s running perfectly!

Join the discussion on the iMore forum!

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