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Sonnet announces new dual-slot 40Gbps Thunderbolt SxS Pro X card reader

Sonnet has announced a new card reader, dubbed the SF3 Series – SxS PRO X Card Reader, that is capable of ingesting multiple Sony SxS cards at once.

The SF3 Series SxS PRO X Card Reader features two card slots and a dual-port 40Gbps Thunderbolt interface and supports Sony SxS, SxS-1, SxS Pro, SxS Pro+, and SxS PRO X cards. It allows users to transfer media from SxS cards at their maximum speeds and can read two cards simultaneously at up to 2,500 MBps.Users can daisy-chain multiple card readers together with a single cable, supporting a maximum of six chained card readers. This allows users to ingest multiple cards without the need to swap, saving time and improving workflow.

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